Bloglight makes it easy to search for weblogs on your Mac. Find out what others are saying about you, your product, company or your favorite TV show or band. There are so many blogs that someone out there is bound to be talking about something you are interested in.

One search in Bloglight will run on multiple blog search engines. The results from each engine are then combined together in an easy to read format. Download the demo and give it a try.

Why use a Blog search engine instead of Yahoo or Google? Regular search engines return the 'best' results for a given search. Searching for 'xbox 360' will return Microsoft's XBox site as the first result. If you search using a blog search engine you'll be given up to the minute blogs of people and/or review sites talking about the XBox 360.index.html

Give Bloglight a try and see for yourself.

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T-Squared Software News

May 4/06:
Bloglight 1.0.2 is now
available. Download it.

February 17/06:
Bloglight 1.0.1 is now
available. It is a Universal Binary and includes some minor fixes. Download it.